Tuesday, July 13, 2010


In June, Eve and I had the opportunity to accompany the youth as adult support for their Pioneer Trek. There were over 200 trekers. Eve served as the nurse, attending to sprains, broken toe, burns, belly aches, heat exhaustion, dehydration and multiple other ailments. Steve had the opportunity to portray our ancestor, Luke S. Johnson, all during the event.

Why did we go?
  • To gain a little bit of insight and appreciation for what the pioneers went through as they migrated to the west, seeking freedom from persecution.
What did we learn?
  • Walking in the sun for 3 days, in 95+ weather, with no shade, is more difficult than we ever imagined.
  • We can't do it alone. We came to rely and count on all the members of our company.
  • We are not alone. The blessings of our Heavenly Father were evident as we struggled along the trail.
  • We are eternally grateful for the sacrifices of those that went before. They had to have been a rugged, dedicated and determined people to endure, persevere and press forward.
Was it fun?
  • There was fun to be had. But, the trek was a lot of work, hard work. We were all exhausted at the end.

Was it worth it?


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentines Weekend

I was going to write a long story about the February Camping Trip.

But Kristen did such a great job, I will refer you there.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I have a witty saying on my blog.

I liked this one.

People come up to me worried.....

That I might reproduce.

Emo Phillips

Too late.

Friday, January 1, 2010


We received word in December of two new grandbabies due in 2010. And so our family grows.
We worry for them, but then suppose that our parents worried for us. We haven't done so bad.
Looking forward to getting to know and enjoy these new members of the clan.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Celebrating 33 Years of Wedded Bliss!

Eve and Steve decided to spend the anniversary on the coast (again). This time was a bit different flavor as Gladys Knight was performing at Spirit Mountain. Eve went for a massage while Steve worked on his GPS and was lazy. That evening we ate a rushed snack at the Casino Deli. Then took in the show and had a great time. Stayed at Salishan Resort with the coupon prize from Steve's work's United Way Raffle.

On Saturday, we found a sign for Drift Creek Falls, so we followed it. Who would have thought there was such a place as this. From the trailhead it is a nice 1.25 mile hike downhill to a suspension bridge that overlooked this spectacular waterfall. We ate a nice picnic lunch while we admired the engineering of the bridge and even more spectacular was the engineering of the falls. Then it was a climb back out to the car. Nice couple of hours spent in the spectacular old growth forest.

Halloweening on the Bay (except the bridge was closed)

Karly, Kristen, Jared, Kroten, Eve and Steve all hopped in our friends Suburban and trotted off to the Bay Area for a Halloween weekend adventure. Tammy and Jeff were blessing the baby so we used it as an excuse to party. (Not that we didn't want to share this special occasion with them anyway.)

We arrived in San Francisco on Friday, after enjoying In 'N Out in Fairfield. Spent the afternoon on a treck across the Golden Gate Bridge and stuck in traffic create by the broken Bay Bridge. We ate on Fisherman's Wharf, lot's of seafood and yummy sourdough bread. Went to Coit Tower after dark but couldn't see much because the shrubs have all grown. Went down Lombard Street in the Big SUV. Then ventured up North to get back over to the East Bay and our Hotel.

Saturday we ventured on BART to see Union Square, great Sourdough Pizza at Blondies, and shopped at the Four Story Old Navy.

Then it was time to get back across the Bay and get ready for the Halloween Bash at Tammy and Jeff's. It was great to see a good number of family and be able to enjoy pizza, Dim Sum, and Gae Mae Bao! We had a great time and appreciate Tammy and Jeff opening their home to us all.

Friday, July 17, 2009

California Vacation

We spent a week in California visiting with Mom, The Barros Family, The Mike Phillips Family, Jean and Ron, and Sara! We saw Tammy and Jeff for a little while as they let us crash in their new digs. Thank you!

We had a lot of fun at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, San Francisco, San Simeon and Cayucos State Parks, and ate In n Out!

Karly celebrated her 15th birthday with Grandma, Aunts, Uncles and cousins.

What a fun time!